Why invest in Toronto ?

Why invest in Toronto ?

Property Market – Canada

  • The 2nd largest country in the world
  • Total population: 33,476,688
  • 5.9% increase annually over the 2006 figure (Sources: The 2011 Canadian census)
  • Immigration is the main drivers of population growth
  • The government anticipated between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016.
    (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Why Toronto

  • One of the most liveable cities (The Economist 2015)
  • An international center of business, finance, arts, and culture
  • The most populous metropolitan area in Canada (5,583,064)
  • The 4th most populous city in North America
  • Located within 90 minutes of Ottawa, New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington

Education – University of Toronto

  • 2nd in the world in research performance.
    (University Ranking by Academic Performance)
  • 19th in the world; 1st in Canada:
    (Times Higher Education World University Rankings)


  • During the global financial crisis, the overall house prices of the U.S. dropped 20%, however, Canada only has 5% decrease.
  • Canada has become less dependent on the United States
  • Toronto is generating $286 billion annually, which represents 20% of Canada’s GDP.
  • Ranks 1st in economic momentum among Canada’s 25 largest cities
  • Economy diversify with technology, design, financial services, life sciences, education, environment innovations and business services
  • Toronto businesses have access to a market of 461 million consumers with a combined GDP of about US$17.9 trillion
  • Financial Services – both the financial services capital of Canada and the fastest growing financial center in North America, employing 222,400 people across the region.
  • Toronto is home to the headquarters of Canada’s five largest banks

Property Price

  • House prices in Toronto began to rise since 1995. Except for a slight drop in 2007/08, they have never stopped rising.
  • Real estate price growth will continue at a moderate pace
  • The average of Toronto’s property price: CAD 625,000 (Around HKD 3,750,000)


  • The vacancy rate in Toronto in 2015 was only  1.6%. (Sources: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
  • Numbers of Condo rented out grew to 105,317 units in 2015 from 92,257 units in 2014