Our Partners

We build long-term relationships with investors, developers, financial institutions, and distributors.

Our international partners include:

Keihan Railway Real Estate Co. Ltd

One of the largest property developers in Kansai Keihan Electric Railway (The Group) has establish in 1906, which is a railway company linking Kyoto and Osaka. Listed in 2006 with over 111 years of history, The Group has operated diversified businesses such as transportation, real estate, entertainment services and so on. In 2000, The Group established the “Keihan Railway Real Estate Co. Ltd” and carries out large-scale construction and residential development along the Keihan Railway.

Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation

Since 1995, Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation (双日新都市開発) has operated as a subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation, which has incredibly long history for more than 150 years in supporting the development of numerous countries and regions.

Sojitz New Urban develops and sells residential real estate properties in Japan. The company offers development and leasing of new condominiums, planning and consigned sales for new condominiums, real estate investment, real estate logistics, planning, and consulting.

日本土地建物株式会社 Nippon Tochi-Tatemono Co.,Ltd.

Nippon Tochi-Tatemono Co.,Ltd. 日本土地建物株式会社 was founded in 1954. Based in Tokyo, the company focuses on the urban development business including residential & housing (development and sale of condominiums and detached houses), real estate solution (real estate brokerage and appraisal), office buildings leasing and asset management.

サンヨーホームズ株式会社 Sanyo Homes Corporation

Sanyo Homes Corporation was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Its Condominium Business engages in developing, selling, rental, and other activities for condominium buildings.

NTT都市開發株式會社 NTT Urban Development

NTT Urban Development develops, constructs, sells, and leases real estate properties including office buildings, commercial and residential properties located in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Sapporo, among others.

大林新星和不動産株式会社 Obayashi Shinseiwa Real Estate

Obayashi Shinseiwa Real Estate is a core Group company in charge of the real estate development business. It provides valuable residences that are in harmony with their surrounding communities.

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. was formed from a merger between Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Nippon Steel City Produce, Inc. It is a full-line real estate company with a business portfolio. The company has primarily been involved in the development and sale of condominiums including luxury apartments for expatriates as well as management of office buildings in Tokyo’s prime areas.

Times Group Corp

Times Group is a premier name in the industry with 25 years of business and a record of excellence across the real estate development spectrum of the Greater Toronto Area. Inspired by core family values, Times Group has become a leading player in the land acquisition, planning, design, development and construction of premium-quality commercial and residential properties. With a focus on exceptional quality and enduring value, Times Group is actively engaged in the development of highrise condominium projects, distinctive homes and condominium townhouses in the GTA.

Pemberton Group

Pemberton Group has a long history of creating successful residential and commercial developments in many of the Greater Toronto Area’s best locations. Each Pemberton condominium community is built to the highest standard with attention to detail, cutting-edge recreational facilities, superb customer service and lasting value. At present, Pemberton Group has prestigious condominiums in various stages of development across the GTA including downtown and midtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill and Maple.

Concord Pacific

The Concord Group of Companies success has continued with Canada’s largest skyline defining communities, Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver and Concord CityPlace in Toronto. Concord has further expanded with numerous large scale master-planned communities across the Canada and is now developing in the UK. Concord has completed over 100 residential and mixed use buildings with more than 50 in various stages of planning and development.

Mizrahi Developments 

Mizrahi Developments has experience in real estate development and the building of luxury homes in Toronto, entered the condominium market in 2011, offering homes with unique features such as indoor/outdoor fireplaces and a high degree of custom-design flexibility, provided at no extra cost. They became known for superior standard finishes and a degree of craftsmanship reminiscent of another era.

Lifetime Developments

For more than three decades, Lifetime Developments has demonstrated unparalleled foresight, building in strategic locations across the Greater Toronto Area. By successfully identifying the neighbourhoods poised to become thriving communities, the developer remains at the forefront of the city’s ever-burgeoning real estate industry. From conception to completion, Lifetime continues to set new benchmarks for design innovation and architectural excellence, exceeding expectations and inspiring new heights.


Based in Liverpool, X1 is one of the premier developers in the North West with large scale developments in Liverpool, Manchester and, most recently, Leeds. Its portfolio is stocked with instantly recognisable buildings which have helped change the face of the region. X1 prides itself on building exceptionally high-quality homes in both the luxury student and the residential sectors, always exceeding the expectations of investors and residents alike.

Fortis Developments

Fortis are an award winning developer who specialise in construction of bespoke residential and student accommodation across the UK. Established in 2012, Fortis have expanded rapidly and completed more than 15 projects since then. Fortis are firmly established at the forefront of the industry and are well respected among investors who value the high quality finished product and timely delivery. Developments such as Adelphi Wharf are admired around the world and underline Fortis’ position as a market leader.