Buying Process

Step 1: Understand the Market and the Property Project

Clients understand the latest global investment information including market news, return on investment, cost breakdown and tax at first. Clients then select the most appropriate investment project according to the budget, location and the objective of investment.

Step 2: Reservation

Clients will sign the “Letter of Intention Purchase” and pay cheque with HKD10,000 as a reservation fee. The reservation fee will be fully refunded once he/she signed the “Sales and Purchase Agreement”.

Step 3: Sign Sales and Purchase Agreement

After signing the Sales & Purchase Agreement, 1st installment is payable by the buyer to the developers’ trust account. The remaining balance will be settled on the handover date. (Remarks: The process will be changed due to different properties projects)

Step 4: Apply for Mortgage

Buyer can apply mortgage services directly from Optimus Properties Limited. Our professional mortgage team will understand the buyer’ personal financial situation and advise the most suitable mortgage plan to ensure the loan granted before handover.

Step 5: Handover

The buyer is required to transfer remaining amount, tax amount and other expenses before the handover in order to have ownership of the property. Meanwhile, Optimus Properties team would assist the buyer to confirm the status of the property and other relevant buying procedures aboard.