Obtain The Best International Mortgage Offer

Obtain the Best International Mortgage Offer – Mortgage Consultation Service for Japan Properties

  • Process mortgage application in sync with setting up company in Japan
  • Lowest loan interest rate at 2.8%
  • Obtain a Japan bank account while applying mortgage and setting up company
  • Maintain a healthy credit score and properly plan for financial success

Optimus Properties provides Japan properties mortgage consultation and company set up solution services that best fit your needs.

  • Available for all nationalities
  • Hassle-free solutions for company set up in Japan
  • Facilitate your mortgages with ease and convenience
  • Mortgages on new-built properties or refinancing existing properties are applicable
  • Up to 75% Loan-To-Value Ratio
  • Interest rate is around 2.8-3%
  • Up to 25 years amortized loans

Optimus Properties also provides international mortgage consultation services for the following countries – United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany

Enquiry:2180 0926 / mortgages@optimus-prop.com