Oversea Property Investment Services

Oversea Property Investment Services
Oversea Property Investment Services

1. Global Market Analysis

Our Research Team monitors the global market changes at all times. Not only we focus on our own data and market research, we also combine the knowledge and reports produced from other reputable firms in the industry. The team ensure buyers are confident investing in the projects by conducting thorough Due Diligence and background research on the investment opportunities.

2. Property Consultancy

Our Consultants are often the first point of contact in a real estate transaction between clients and the company. Our goal is to build strong and lasting relationship with our clients – based on integrity, transparency, and credibility. We believe that LISTENING is the first critical step to build and strengthen a partnership, which lead to future success and creating a win-win investment portfolio.

3. On-going after sales support

We provide professional after-sales service to all who purchased a property through us. We assist clients in the entire real estate transaction, from property search to property acquisition, contract signing and explanation, tax and legal advice, transfer of ownership as well as property and tenancy management. We hold our clients’ hands to walk through each step in the process.

4. Mortgage Finance

Our experienced mortgage team has close relationships with various financial institutions around the globe. We help clients to obtain the best mortgage scheme according to client’s financial condition, hence to enjoy a hassle-free transaction.

5. Property and Tenancy Management

We select and appoint trustworthy local property management companies to help investors to manage the overseas properties and tenancy. This team in the ground will help to find quality occupiers and enable landlord to achieve a favourable return during the tenure of the investment.

6. Resale

A property completion is NOT the end of our service to investors. We are glad to help our investors to resale the properties through various channels. It can be a reputable local real estate brokerage, our existing clienteles, or a distribution partner.


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